Sept 2015


Wednesday 16 September 2015  1.30 pm  


Present: Barbara Green – Chair, Chris Smith,  Isaobel Crozier – CMS,  Stephen Hall, Stephen Ramsay – Treasurer, Pam Ferrar, Tony Edwards,  Lesley Edwards – Secretary.

  1. Apologies

Malclom Green, Dorothy Freedman, David Walker, Andrew York, Robin Hurley

  1. Minutes of Last Meeting


  1. Matters Arising

The litter and dog foul bin at the Whitelands Avenue entrance has not been repaired Action BG

Plastic, waterproof holders containing our leaflets to be affixed in the wood may encourage littering and was decided against.

TE has delivered leaflets to local estate agents to be included in their welcome package for new residents.

  1. Treasurer’s Report

There is a healthy balance of £678.13.  Most of our funds are as a result of the yearly Quiz Evening but as many of the Friends have other commitments, nobody felt able to organise a table this year. We received £60 in donations for the bird boxes and spent £79.12 on the purchase of a wooden rake and protective headgear for use with the brush cutter.  BG suggested that the friends purchase their own protective gloves and claim the expense.  It was agreed that we need to purchase some new saw blades and slashers. BG said that our usual suppliers, TCV, were unreliable and there were suggestions as to where we might purchase items in the future. There was a query regarding the payment of insurance premiums and whether this had been duplicated. BG and SR to discuss. Action BG and SR.

  1. Report on Progress of Volunteers Group

 Tasks covered over the last six months:

Care of the new hedge along the Farm  Path in Hillas, including control of bracken. Bracken control in Beech Glade. The Whitelands Path entrance was in need of clearing and SH said that holly growth on the edge of the field in Hillas needs to be thinned. IC suggested this be included in the next 5 Year Plan.

The Bluebell Walk in the spring had been successful but hard work for those running it. It was thought that in future anyone with the time and enthusiasm to run such an event could take this upon themselves.

TE reported that a considerable amount of horse manure had been deposited along the edge of the newly planted hedge and was concerned that this could damage the hedge. IC confirmed that this would be the case and BG would speak with the land owner regarding this. Action BG

  • Membership Update:

No new members in the past six months. IC suggested the web sites “Meet Up” or “Street Life”, CH suggested posters around the village, BG suggested use of the notice board in the village. SR suggested a more spontaneous approach to meeting up – maybe join up with other local Friends Groups – this could be of benefit to all concerned.

  1. Five Year Plan
  • Several piles of larch logs have been in the wood for the last three years and are looking dangerous; SH feels there should be a risk assessment carried out.
  • There was discussion regarding the Hillas Square: SR thinks we need to have a vision of what it is to become now that a good deal of larch has been removed. BG thinks that someone from CMS is needed to visit and advise us. IC will book a visit and contact BG. Action IC
  • There has been no progress of the hornbeam restoration work that was to be carried out. IC said that person dealing with this (Lee Tyson) is on holiday. There are quotes on file for this work and IC said there would need to be temporary fencing put in place along the field edge. BG said this had been discussed in the past and the owner would have to be contacted again. IC said that she would follow up Action IC
  • There is no sign of ash die back in the wood as yet but IC says that it is on its way!
  1. Web Site Update

CH has nothing to report. BG said that the website looks good but nothing has changed  for six months now. CH said he would try and get some pictures of the bird boxes on to the website.  Action CH


  1. A.O.B.

SR said that it would be helpful to know in advance what our work sessions were to include so that he knows what tools to bring along or leave to be accessible to the volunteers.

Thanks were given to IC for attending the meeting.

  1. Date of Next meeting

Wednesday 10th March 2016 at 1.30 pm. Venue t.b.a.