March 2020



Committee Meeting


Thursday 5th March, 2020


28 Carpenters Wood Drive, Chorleywood



Present: Barbara Green – Chair, Andrew York, Lesley Edwards, Stephen Ramsay – Treasurer, Robin Hurley, Dorothy Freedman, Malcolm Green – Minutes, Angela Borges – TRDC.

  1. Apologies for Absence

Chris Smith, Tony Edwards, Nick Hood,  Pam Ferrar, Shamoon Karimjee, Steve Hall, Sue Hall.

  1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed.

Matters Arising from previous Minutes –

  1. Ride Widening – Widening of the Ride was started with the help of CMS Volunteers in February and will continue as appropriate.
  2. Benches – these are still outstanding. Angela Borges has been investigating the possibility of a local wood-worker carving the log benches.  Hopefully, installation of these will progress this year. Action for AB
  3. Dumping – AB has been investigating what can be done about this problem, as well as the general problem of encroachment into the woodland. The ‘Property’ and ‘Legal’ departments at TRDC have become involved in this which has slowed progress.  It is hoped that some general letter about dumping of green waste can go out to residents backing onto the woodland as a first step.   Action for AB
  4. The annual maintenance of bird boxes was completed and 8 new small bird boxes have been built and erected in the woodland. All have been fitted with protective metal plates.  Thanks SH and MG.


  1. Discussion regarding the Plant Nursery

Some discussion was had regarding the priority which should be given to this project in Carpenters Wood.  AB confirmed her commitment to this project and agreed to progress the installation of fencing and a secure gate.  The Friends agreed that installing the fencing and gate was too big a job for FOCW to tackle so contractors would be employed.  Our job would be to keep the bramble under control throughout the year, particularly around the edges of the plot.  In the Autumn we should collect seeds from Hornbeam, Oak and Beech for potting up.  We will need advice about how to go about collecting seeds and will also need a supply of pots.  AB mentioned providing a ‘slice’ of wood from one of the felled trees as a table.  Action for AB

  1. Duties of the Chairman

BG presented a paper to the meeting which outlines the duties of the Chairman.  SR and DF agreed that they would jointly take on the twice monthly task of informing volunteers of the meeting time, place, tasks to be covered and tools required.  They stated that a more planned approach needed to be put in place regarding monthly tasks for the group, and they agreed to meet to draw up a forward plan for this year using the Green Action Plan.  BG agreed to continue with chairing and organizing of meetings, dealing with publicity, liaising with CMS and TRDC and rallying troops for the Quiz Night.  It is hoped that Stephen Hall, who has taken on the task of tool repair, will work with Stephen Ramsay regarding the purchase of new tools.

  1. Treasurers Report

We have a balance of £909.38 in the bank, with no tools bought since September 2019. Quiz Night boosted our income by over £400 in November 2019. The only expenditure since September has been £59 spent on materials for new bird boxes.  Some discussion was had whether we wanted to have a year off from Quiz Night as our bank balance was looking quite healthy.  It was agreed that this was a very good way of raising money for the group and should continue – date for this coming year Saturday, 14th November. It was agreed that we should seek attendees for Quiz Night asap .  Action MG

  1. Report on Progress of Volunteer Group

a) Membership update

Membership remains reasonably stable but recruitment of new members is still difficult.  MG undertook to contact U3A to see if there was any way we could ‘tap into’ their membership.  Consideration was given to affiliation with U3A but that would preclude members under a certain age, so not appropriate for a community group such as ours.  BG agreed to write a press release for publication on the U3A website, and MG agreed to pursue whether we might have a presence at the U3A recruitment event this summer.  Actions BG and MG

b) Tasks to be covered in next 6 months

  • Bramble and nettle removal along footpaths as required. Possible use of TRDC Ground Flail was discussed.  AB to arrange for ground staff to visit the woodland with this equipment.  Action for AB
  • Bramble around the nursery to be kept under contro
  • Entrances into the woodland to be tidied.
  • AB recommended some training for the group in pruning lower branches of trees eg. crown raising, particularly trees along footpaths and bridleways.  A session will be organized during the spring/summer months. Action for AB
  • General litter pick
    c) Tools Review

    • We seem reasonably well supplied with tools at present
    • SR to order 2 Machetes and replacement 12″ Silky saw blades.  Action SR
    • SR and SH will deal with any new tools that need to be ordered.

    d) New Map

    TE was thanked for the suggestion of the new grid map which has now been circulated to all members by email.  This will enable positions of fallen trees as well as work areas to be pinpointed with accuracy. 

    1. Web-site update

     DF is managing the website well.  She requested that anyone with photos of work carried out should send them to her for inclusion on the website – BG asked if these can be sent direct to DF and not via her.  Photos are best sent as ‘large’ images.

    1. Any Other Business


    • BG mentioned the fact that both padlocks at the Farm Gate were broken.  One of the posts has been left unlocked as a result, the other one is locked but the padlock is unopenable.  These locks need to be replaced and keys provided to FOCW.  Action for AB
    • BG also mentioned that one of the Notice Boards had fallen down and had now disappeared.  The other board is also wobbly.  Action for AB
    • Chorleywood Village Day was discussed with the idea of setting up a stall for the FOCW to attract new members.  There was some discussion as to whether this was an effective recruitment method.  BG agreed to contact Tim Venner of CW House Estate Friends Group to hear his views.  Action for BG
    • SR mentioned the possibility of doing a Bluebell walk this Spring for local residents and children.  It was agreed that he would investigate and report back.  Action for SR
    • Bike riding in the woodland was discussed.  Bikes are only allowed on the Bridleways, not on the footpaths.  AB was asked if TRDC might supply signage which could be attached to horse barriers to inform bike riders that they should not use footpaths.  Action for AB
    • DF asked if TRDC might supply recycling bins for some waste rather than just a generic rubbish bin.  AB agreed to investigate.  Action for AB


    1. Date of Next Meeting AGM – Thursday 3rd September