Sept 2021

Friends of Carpenters Wood (FOCW)


Monday, 27th September 2021

Present: Barbara Green – Chair, Helen Coppock, Lance Coppock, Andrew York, Robin Hurley, Dorothy Freedman, Claire Casey, Shamoon Karimjee, Stephen Ramsay – Treasurer, Stephen Hall, Sue Hall – Minutes, Malcolm Green,

1.         Apologies for Absence

            Chris Smith

2.         Appointment of Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary

Barbara – Chairman, Sue – Secretary and Stephen R – Treasurer.

All are happy to continue

3.         Matters arising from last meeting September 21st 2020

Although an email was sent to Alex Laurie at TRDC after the last meeting regarding the following outstanding matters, no action has been taken to date as far as we are aware.

Outstanding Matters include:

            a) New benches are still outstanding

            b) Three Rivers have not distributed a general letter, as a first step to residents backing onto the woodland, regarding dumping of green waste.

            c) Plant Nursery – no proper discussion has been had with regards to whether it is going ahead.

            d) Broken padlocks at Farm Gate entrance – unknown as to whether these have been replaced.  A visit by CMS is arranged for 29th September so await to see whether they can gain access.

            e) Replacement Notice Board at Farm Gate – this has not been replaced and the fallen notice board at Whitelands entrance is still in the bushes.

            f) Signage regarding cycling in the woods still awaited.

This has been a difficult time due to COVID and changes in personnel at TRDC.

BG Action – will endeavour to get in contact with Three Rivers regarding all the above

4.         Where are we now with the 5 Year Plan?

Years 2 and 3 have both been affected by COVID, so work which should have gone ahead eg. Further removal of Larch from Hillas (PAWS*), installation of new benches, selective felling of mature trees to open up the canopy (CCF**), further work on the nursery area, specialist work on the ancient Hornbeam hedge, and ride creation/widening, has not happened.  With CMS volunteers visiting on 29th September it is hoped that the ride widening can be tackled.  BG to clarify with Ciaran on the day.  BG Action

It was suggested by SH that could the nursery area be prepared for growing wildflowers? 

BG suggested a meeting to be arranged with Alex Laurie, with SR and DF attending if possible, to ascertain what is possible over the next two years.

BG – Action

 5.        Treasurers Report

We have a balance of £890 in the bank, with the only expenditure being £20 on slashers and £59 on materials for bird boxes. The Parish Council Quiz Night is our only contributor to funds, which hasn’t happened for two years because of Covid.

As there is money to spend, we are able to invest in new tools if these are needed (see below).

6.         Report on Progress of Volunteer Group

            a) Work covered during COVID – Paths kept clear, new hedge pruned, litter picking, some Holly regrowth kept in check.

            b) Membership update – We welcome our three new members, CC, LC & HC.  DF agreed to put out a brief message about our group on the Carpenters Wood Drive WhatsApp group – Action DF

            c) Tool Review – An audit of tools will be made by SR to ascertain whether there are shortages of loppers/saws/etc.  Another pair of shears was requested and new gloves and safety glasses are required.   

*PAWS – Plantations on Ancient Woodland Sites

**CCF – Continuous Cover Forestry  

A request was also made for some more hi-vis jackets with our logo on the back. and plastic safety covers are needed for bow saws.

SR – Action tool audit

BG – Action to wait on audit before ordering new tools and saw guards.

BG – Action to ask CMS for more hi-vis jackets.

MG – Action to go ahead and order more gloves and safety glasses.

MG – Action  to talk to Chairman of Chorleywood House regarding loan of bramble cutter (again!).

            d)Day change?

DF – Action to monitor attendance on both sessions

BG – Action to contact everyone regarding most suitable days to attend sessions

First Aid Training was discussed.  Currently we have only one member who has up-to-date training.  BG to ask CMS/TRDC whether we can have a group training session rather than individuals attending generic sessions which are not always relevant to our needs.  – Action BG

7.         Volunteer work plan for the Autumn/Winter

            a) Ride widening and follow up along Bramble Ramble (map ref. H5 and H6)

            b) Cutting back holly, especially along the south facing path in Hillas (map ref. L 2 and 3).

              c) Laurel removal and ivy control.  

              d) Revisit the open area created along Boundary Walk (map ref. F1/2)

              e) Further Birch removal if possible (map ref. G 6 and 7)

              f)  Holly removal on left of Chiltern Way (map ref. G 3/4)

BG to clarify whether the Parish Council are responsible for clearing Whitelands Public Footpath which runs along the back of the houses. – Action BG

8.         Web-site update

            All going well with accurate volunteer sessions being posted.  Photos of sessions always welcome.

DF Action – explore removal of old website off the internet.

9.         A.O.B.

            a) Bird boxes need clearing out – Action SH, MG and LC

            b) Owl box needs replacing – Action SH, MG and LC

              c) Bird boxes need to be more accurately mapped, and additional boxes provided – Action SH, MG, and LC

            c) Our new insurance requires further Health and Safety considerations for our sessions.  We must wear goggles, gloves and hard hats (during felling).  We are advised to wear long trousers and long-sleeved tops to prevent scratches and insect bites.  We have two First Aid kits but check if they need updating – Action SH 

DF asked for a more formal safety checklist which can be run through at the start of each session.  CMS should provide this – Action DF

10.       Date of Next Meeting – 7th March 2022 @ 2pm, White Gates

Minutes by SH