Volunteer Jobs Done

04/07/2019 Cut back brambles encroaching on path in Hillas by new hedge & also perpendicular path as far as bench (2)

15/06/2019 Cleared a fallen tree on path near Whitelands entrance & cleared nettles & ivy on entrance path & near notice board (3)

06/06/2019 Raked & removed last brambles in nursery area (5)

18/05/2019 Examined new proposed area for tree nursery in Hillas. Low level holly reduction in other areas (4)

02/05/2019 Ash thinning by The Chiltern Way (with K from CMS). Signs of ash dieback. (6)

20/04/2019 Carpenters Triangle: Sawing holly stumps & moving brash pile from tree trunk. (3)

04/04/2019 Tidying up around Whitelands entrance including sawing holly stumps as near to the ground as possible (9)

16/03/2019 Holly reduction around Quarry Path & Whitelands entrance (8)

07/03/2019 Holly reduction (to improve light conditions) in Carpenters Triangle (10)

16/02/2019 Holly reduction around Quarry Path & Whitelands entrance (8 volunteers)

07/02/2019 Laurel removal (non-native species) in Carpenters Triangle (area bounded by field view & Carpenters Path) plus a bit of holly thinning.