Sept 2019




 Thursday 5th September 2019

 28 Carpenters Wood Drive, Chorleywood

Present: Barbara Green – Chair, Andrew York, Tony Edwards, Stephen Ramsay – Treasurer, Steve Hall, Sue Hall – Minutes, Ciaran Mullen – CMS, Robin Hurley, Malcolm Green

  1. Apologies for Absence

Chris Smith, Lesley Edwards, Nick Makin, Barbara Robjant, Nick Hood, Angela Borges (TRDC) Dorothy Freedman, Pam Ferrar, Shamoon Karimjee.

  1. Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed.

  1. Appointment of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer

           BG said posts should be agreed annually

SR       Treasurer – happy to stay on

SH       Secretary – happy to stay on

BG      Chairman – wanting to stand down and agreed to extend role for another year but a succession plan should be put in place. SH asked BG to draft an outline of the Chairman’s role for future guidance. Action BG

  1. Treasurers report

We have a balance of £558 in the bank, with no tools bought since September 2018. Quiz Night boosted our income by £395 in November 2018. TRDC will fund courses like First Aid. Ciaran to check whether AY is still qualified. SH to check First Aid box and action new if it needs replacing. AY enquired about tool insurance, but this is covered by TRDC.

  1. Matters Arising from Minutes of last meeting 7.3.19

TRDC has agreed to delay the beginning of the 5 Year Plan.  The present Plan (originally 2018- 2023) takes effect from April 2019 (now 2019 – 2024) with the £7,700 allocated for works not being lost.

a) Ride Widening – FOCW have not attempted any further ride widening along Bramble Ramble. AB has said to leave Bramble Ramble alone at present.  Clarification will be needed from TRDC regarding the extent of tree removal and scalloping in this area. Ciaran to action A

b) Benches – Log benches haven’t arrived. Ciaran action TRDC with regards to oak benches rather than log benches. *see note

c) Creation of a Plant Nursery in Hillas Larch Plantation – FOCW have carried out a number of sessions clearing bramble roots from the nursery area but this is hard work as the soil is very stoney.  Concerns have been expressed by group members whether anything will take root when planted!Clarity still needs to be gained from TRDC with regards to what planting is to take place in the nursery and it’s purpose. Once we know what TRDC are planning and when, we can make sure we are ready to support the work at its various stages. Ciaran action TRDC

d) Ash Die Back – Some Ash thinning was carried out by FOCW along The Chiltern Way bridle path and in an area near the main Ash Plantation at the Barrel Arch.Ciaran suggested the general thought is to leave all Ash trees in place, as felling may remove a resistant specimen.

e) Dumping from adjoining houses – A number of sessions over recent months were spent clearing ‘dumped’ vegetation along the boundary paths with Carpenters Wood Drive and Whitelands Avenue.  These areas of the woodland have been found covered with large quantities of felled material from household dumping as well as TRDC felling. TRDC have been asked for action on this but seem concerned not to cause upset with residents!  It was suggested that some urgent action is now needed.  BG action AB

f) Sedge Grass – BG reports that AB says we shouldn’t worry about it.

g) CMS Support – Ciaran from CMS clarified their position with regard to support – they should attend a couple of site meetings per year, i.e. every 6 months and attend the AGM of the group. Ciaran is hoping to arrange to meet AB at the next woodlands session, with AB giving guidelines as to what needs to be done. Items for clarification include the nursery, the hornbeam hedge, benches, and felling of selected Beech to open up the canopy.  Ciaran to action AB and liaise with BG

Report on Progress of Volunteer Group

a) Tasks covered during last 6 months All tasks completed as outlined in previous minutes apart from a general litter pick, although localized litter is always disposed of.  Also some large growths of ivy were tackled across the woodland and the boundary holly hedges along Field View were trimmed.

b) Tasks to be covered in next 6 months

*          Holly removal around the area of Whitelands Wood.

*          Work on the nursery (after clarification from AB).

*          Ride widening on Bramble Ramble (after clarification from AB.)

*          Bench installation.  Both CMS and FOCW would prefer proper wooden benches rather than log benches as outlined in the 5 Year Plan.  Ciairan to discuss with AB

*          Tidy up of brash after Larch removal

*          Annual maintenance of bird boxes. MG and SH to action plus purchasing of metal plates

*          Topping and trimming sides of planted hedge, with the plan of layering when it is 12 – 15 years old.

*          Bramble and nettle removal along footpaths as required. Possible use of TRDC Power Scythe (?)

c) Membership update

Numbers remain stable

d) Tools Review

*          We seem reasonably well supplied with tools at present

*          SR suggested a machete would be useful for brambles.

*          SR to order 2 Machetes and to replace 12″ Silky saw blades

*          SH to oversee maintenance of tools

  1. Web-site update

Managed by DF and looks good, with new things being added each month.

  1. Diary for the coming year

Quiz Night – 16th November 2019

Next Meeting – 5th March 2020

  1. Any other business

AY raised the possibility of getting ‘company volunteers’ to help with large projects as other Friends Groups in the area have done.  Ciaran explained that this could happen and there are companies that would like to get involved, but extensive planning is needed to cover health and safety and management of volunteers particularly with large groups.

Minutes by SH

  • Note re benches – new log bench now installed in Beech Glade