Early summer

In May and June the canopy becomes green with the arrival of new leaves




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Volunteer sessions have resumed in Carpenters Wood

Volunteer seesions have resumed in Carpenters Wood with additional protocols and for groups of 6 or fewer. We would like to thank all the FOCW volunteers and our local neighbours who have picked up litter to keep Carpenters Wood looking beautiful over the Summer months.

A few of the bridleways are becoming overgrown with brambles whilst we have not been able to have working parties in the woods. We tackled one at our recent session:

Bridleway beforevolunteers clearing bridleway

Bidleway after

Also, we made a start on the area damaged by fire back in July. We are hopeful that the larger trees will survive what must have been a very intense, but luckily very localised fire (thanks to the fire brigade for turning up promptly).

Fire-damaged area

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