Sept 2020

Friends of Carpenters Wood (FOCW)


Monday 21st September 2020

Zoom Meeting – Covid Restrictions

Present: Barbara Green – Chair, Andrew York, Tony Edwards, Stephen Ramsay – Treasurer, Steve Hall, Sue Hall – Minutes, Robin Hurley, Malcolm Green, Dorothy Freedman, Nick Hood

1.         Apologies for Absence

            Chris Smith

2.         Minutes of last meeting and matters arising

The minutes of the last meeting were agreed.

There has only been one session since Lockdown (23rd March 2020) so all the matters arising from the previous minutes have not happened, although ride widening has just restarted

The outstanding matters include:

            a) New benches

            b) Dumping

            c) Plant Nursery

            d) Broken padlocks at Farm Gate entrance

            e) Replacement Notice Board at Farm Gate

            f) Signage regarding cycling in the wood

Action for AB – BG sent email regarding all the above

            g) The annual maintenance of bird boxes was completed and these and others will have an Autumn clean out. Action SH and MG

3.         Appointment of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer

SR and DF agreed that they would jointly take on the twice monthly task of informing volunteers of the meeting time, place and tasks to be covered and tools required. All members will bring their own tools to comply with Covid restrictions. BG is happy to liaise with TRDC and CMS and also agreed to chair meetings.  SH happy to stay as secretary.

Even though SteveH agreed to take on the task of tool repair, this will not be achievable until Covid restrictions are reduced.

4.         Treasurers Report

SR happy to carry on as treasurer.

5.         Covid Arrangements

SR is not sanguine at present with the responsibility of storing the tools for the group. It was therefore agreed that every member would bring, and only use, their own tools.  Each member is responsible for labelling their own tools. Tools will be loaned out on a permanent basis to those who don’t have their own. Pre-planning will be essential to ensure everyone brings appropriate tools.

Each member should wear their own gloves or borrow a FOCW pair on a permanent basis for the foreseeable future.

A maximum of 6 per working group, unless government guidelines change. If there are more than 6, then there will be 2 working groups, working in separate parts of the wood. DG asked for another 2nd First Aid kit to be purchased. Masks and gloves for first aid purposes are contained within the kits. Action SH

A minimum of 2 people should be working together, ie no-one should go off and work on their own.

The email coordinating each session should be copied to CMS and TRDC so they know what is going on.

Everyone needs to respect social distancing.

6.         Work to be covered during Autumn

            a) Bridleways need to be widened

            b) Holly and Laurel clearance

            c) Nursery – bramble clearance

             d) Entrances need tidying

7.         A.O.B. – request for 13year old to join some sessions

BG approached by a lady asking whether her 13yr old son could join some sessions for his Duke of Edinburgh Award. The mother would accompany him for Saturday sessions only. This would be complicated to organize, not only for police checks but also in light of Covid restrictions. This was explained to the mother and she has not pursued this further at present.

8.         Date of next meeting – 4th March 2021

Minutes by SH