The emergence of Autumn Fungi in our woods




November colours!  Most of these photos were taken within 200 metres of the Farm Road entrance to Carpenters Wood

Who needs to go to Burnham Beeches when you have this colour on your doorstep . . . more photos can be seen by selecting November Colours in our Gallery menu

IMGP9940 (1400x927)  IMGP9942 (1400x927) IMGP9943 (1400x927) IMGP9982 (1400x927) IMGP9983 (1400x927) IMGP9986 (1400x927)





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One of our most important jobs in the woods in the Summertime is to keep the paths clear for all those who wish to enjoy our beautiful woodland without imperiling themselves on the seemingly unstopbable march of the brambles (keeping plenty for those who wish to take advantage of nature’s bounty of blacberries in the Autumn).

path from Farm Road
Whitelands entrance
path from Whitelands Road
path through the middle of Hillas wood – the former larch plantation
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